# Upgrading Plan

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# Upgrading a plan

PanelAlpha offers a user-friendly method for customers to seamlessly manage plan upgrades directly within the application. When users approach the maximum number of available sites or their hosting space nears capacity, they can initiate an upgrade for their website.

# Workflow

  1. When the end client reaches the limit of their sites, they will get a dashboard notification with information that they cannot create any new instances before they upgrade their plan.
    The button configuration is described in the next section of this article.
  1. Otherwise, just the notification without the redirecting button will be displayed.
  1. In the "My Hosting" section of the PanelAlpha client area, in the top right corner of the 'Plan Usage' table, there is a button that allows upgrading the current plan.
  1. Upgrade your plan from the WHMCS platform level:
  1. Select the product from available, then confirm your decision.
  1. Once the payment is complete, the end user will see the new product active on the list of products/services. Consequently, with the new upgraded product with more instances allowed, the user may follow back to PanelAlpha, via 'Manage WordPress' redirecting buttons, to quickly create new instances within the new upgraded limit.

# Configuration

  1. Set up the upgrade link in the PanelAlpha admin area → Configuration → Plans → Plan Details page. There type in the hyperlink that will redirect the end user to a page where they can upgrade their current plan.

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