# Upselling Paid Plugins and Themes

Before proceeding further to find the gist, it is of utmost importance to ensure that you are already familiar with the "Introduction" article. This article discusses the necessary steps that must be completed* prior to utilizing the information provided in this section.

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# Upselling paid plugins or themes

PanelAlpha allows you to offer "Packages" as addons to services that can unlock access to additional plugins or themes.

Note: Before you start setting it up you need to:

# Workflow scenarios

# Upselling packages during new site order

  1. End-customer orders a new service in the WHMCS system, in our example that will be: "WordPress Single Site - Bronze"

  2. They go through the ordering process (Note: "Lagom One Step Order Form For WHMCS" is a recommended setup).
    There are two extra addons available to order:

    • Premium SEO plugins

    • WooCommerce Subscriptions

  3. After the payment process is complete:

    • They receive an email with details about their service
    • They can use "Manage WordPress" section in the menu - it uses SSO to automatically authenticate them into PanelAlpha
    • They can go to their service page and click "Manage WordPress" - it uses SSO to automatically authenticate them into PanelAlpha
  4. Once they are redirected to PanelAlpha, SSO is used to automatically authenticate them.

  5. The first page that they see is the choice if they want to create a new site or migrate from an existing hosting

    • for a migration workflow, read more about Migration here
  1. When they choose to create a new site, the system will present them with the available themes to choose from
  2. Once chosen, they enter their site name, domain and other additional information, and the site is being provisioned right away.
  1. They are ready to manage their site! Proceed to "Plugins" section, you will see there a list of already installed plugins that are assigned to this package.
  1. You may check in your admin area this service details, the package with assigned plugins will be there.

# Upselling Packages as addons to existing service

  1. Clients with active service may order extra addons with prepared packages with plugins and themes. After completing the order these plugins and themes will be installed on their instance in PanelAlpha.
    Choose which of the available addons (packages) to order, select them and then complete the order.
  1. After redirecting to PanelAlpha using the dedicated buttons (SSO used) the end user will see their already existing instance with just installed plugins and themes that are assigned to their purchased package (WHMCS addon).

# Configuration

# PanelAlpha - configuration steps

# Package Configuration

In order to be able to assign a package to a service or allow it for sale as addon, you must prepare packages, assign associated plugins and / or themes inside such package. Please follow to PanelAlpha admin area → Configuration → Plugins&Themes. There are all already existing packages, you may edit the assignment to a single package items, or create brand new ones.

To compose a package, press the "Add" button and fill out the form:

  • Enter the package name

  • Define plugin automation on assignment:

    • install and activate plugins
    • install plugins
    • no action
  • Select plugins that will be included in the package

  • Define theme automation on assignment:

    • install themes
    • no action
  • Select themes that will be included in the package

Allowed actions on packages:

  • Update the package
  • Force installation
  • Remove the package

For more information on you may refer to the dedicated to Themes, Plugins and Packages section.

# Addon Configuration in WHMCS

If you want to use WHMCS addons to resell PanelAlpha packages, start with creating them. Follow the steps below to create the first addon.

Proceed to your WHMCS system → System Settings → Product Addons. Press "Add New Addon" and fill in the form, for our purposes please select the addon type as "Independent Product". Set the module type to: "PanelAlpha". Please do not assign it to all products automatically unless you are perfectly sure you wish to do that!

Edit the addon details according to your needs, you may define now whether to add tax to the standard price for the addon, show it on the order form or not, define the addon weight if you plan to offer more than one addon per product and some other WMCS options.

Next, proceed to the ''Pricing" tab to set the pricing possibilities.

The following section we need to move to is called "Module Settings". There, first of all you will need to:

  • Select the product type: "Other"

  • Select the server group for this addon (please use your existing server group with assigned PanelAlpha products), in our case that will be simply group named "PanelAlpha". Once you select the server group with correct connection with PanelAlpha API, you will not need to do anything else. The connection will be established automatically.

  • Select the ready made package with a bunch of plugins and themes that you wish to sell as this addon. After selecting, the package content will appear for your preview.

  • As a final step of the addon configuration, assign it to specific products. Clients who own one of these products will be allowed to order this addon as well. Clients who do not have any of these products will not see the addon in your marketplace.

  • Remember to save the changes in the end. You product addon is ready to use. Repeat this step as many times as needed to compose a whole set of product addons as you need.