# DirectAdmin

PanelAlpha serves as a central hub capable of managing multiple hosting servers, specifically designed for hosting WordPress instances.

Currently PanelAlpha is integrated with a popular shared hosting control panel: DirectAdmin. The swift integration serves as a comprehensive control panel for shared hostings.

# Configuration

Log into your PanelAlpha admin area, hover over Configuration in the side menu and open: Servers → Hosting Services. You will see there a list of already installed servers, including the one added on the level of platform installation via wizard.

A form will appear, fill out all the required data to successfully add the server:

  • Name - enter the server name
  • Type - select the type - choose DirectAdmin
  • IP/Hostname - enter the server IP address or hostname
  • Username - enter username for which the token has been generated
  • Password/Login Key - use your password or the previously generated Login Key (opens new window)
  • SSL Verification - keep it disabled to get successful results of the test connection
  • Test Connection - check if connection is successful

Important! Please refer to the DirectAdmin official documentation to learn how to generate the login Key for a user or use the password instead. Please read the following article (opens new window), section: "Creating a Login Key".

Before you can continue to the next step, you must test the connection, only of the connection is fine, you will be allowed to move further. Next, you will be asked to perform some additional steps:

  1. Download the connector that will be necessary to complete the installation
  2. Next, log in to your DirectAdmin panel as an administrator and navigate to the 'Plugin Manager'.
  3. While in the 'Add Plugin' section, opt for the 'File' option and select the 'panelalpha.tar.gz' package for upload. Then, click the 'Add Plugin' button.
  4. Upon successful upload and installation of the plugin, it should appear in the list of plugins.
  5. Finally, verify the success of the integration test. To complete the process, click on "Add Server".

# Additional Information

  1. If the administrator wants to allow customers to create a subdomain on another user's domain then he should disable this option: check_subdomain_owner=0 in DirectAdmin.
  • Set check_subdomain_owner=0 in your directadmin.conf and restart DirectAdmin to disable it.

Once ready, DirectAdmin will not verify the domain owner.
For more information you may refer to the DirectAdmin documentation (opens new window).

  1. It is possible to change the deault MySQL host. To do so, just execute the following command:
docker compose -f /opt/panelalpha/app/docker-compose.yml exec -T api php artisan server:set-details ID db_host VALUE


  • VALUE - the target host that will replace the current one (eg.: localhost:/tmp/mysql.sock)
  • ID - The PanelAlpha Server ID number (eg.: 1 for DA-Warsaw)