# DNS Servers

DNS servers are a critical part of the internet infrastructure. Their main purpose is to translate human-friendly domain names (like www.example.com) into the unique numerical IP addresses (like that computers and servers use to communicate with each other. DNS servers ensure that you can easily navigate the internet using domain names instead of having to remember and use complex IP addresses.

  • A dedicated, owned PanelAlpha Engine For Docker
  • An alternative to shared hosting environment based on Plesk, DirectAdmin or cPanel hosting servers

# Add DNS server

Add DNS Server by pressing the button and filling in the short form:

  • Provide the DNS server custom name
  • Select type from available:
    • PowerDNS
      • Provide server Hostname/IP address
      • Paste the API Token
      • Enter the server type - by default that is localhost

When ready, you may edit the details or delete it at any time.