# Hosting Scenarios

    PanelAlpha serves as a central hub capable of managing multiple hosting servers, specifically designed for hosting WordPress instances.

    The current integrations provide the following schemes:

    • Shared hosting control panel - integrated with popular shared hosting control panels such as cPanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin, PanelAlpha serves as a comprehensive control panel for shared hosting
    • PanelAlpha Engine For Docker - for advanced functionality, the PanelAlpha Engine For Docker can be installed on a dedicated server or VPS. This engine efficiently handles multiple instances for individual customers or multiple customers simultaneously. Each hosting service is isolated within its own docker container. To fully leverage its capabilities, basic services need to be provided through separate servers for the following:
      • Email Server Connection - PanelAlpha currently supports seamless integration with Zimbra and Mailcow servers, ensuring reliable email communication
      • DNS Server Connection - PowerDNS server integration is available within PanelAlpha, enabling efficient management of DNS services