# PanelAlpha For WHMCS

# About PanelAlpha For WHMCS

PanelAlpha For WHMCS will allow you to move the provisioning and management of PanelAlpha directly to your WHMCS system.

  • Admin Area Features:
    • Create/terminate/suspend/unsuspend service
    • Change package
    • Configure service per PanelAlpha plan
    • Automatically create instances when a service is created
    • Create/terminate service addons
    • Control usage billing for active instances
  • Client Area Features:
    • Create/terminate/suspend/unsuspend service
    • Change package
    • Create/terminate service addons
    • Use SSO login to manage your instances in PanelAlpha
    • Control usage billing for active instances

# Installation

This comprehensive tutorial will provide you with a step-by-step walkthrough on the installation and configuration of PanelAlpha For WHMCS module. Our guide will ensure you successfully set up and customize the process.

That's it! You have just successfully installed PanelAlpha For WHMCS!

# Configuration

# Configuration of server

  • Go to 'System Settings' → 'Servers' and press the 'Add New Server' button.

  • Next, choose 'PanelAlpha' from the 'Module' dropdown menu.
    Remember not to use SSL Mode for Connection, keep this option disabled or otherwise you will encounter errors when testing the server connection.
    Fill in the following fields:

    • "Name"
    • "Hostname" - remember to always add the port number, as on the screen below
    • "API Token" - the "API Token" can be generated in PanelAlpha in 'Configuration' → 'Admins' → 'Enable API Token' action.
  • After configuring your server, you can check the connection.
    In order to check the connection with a PanelAlpha server, edit the server configuration and press 'Test Connection' as shown on the screen below.

  • The next step is creating a server group. To do so, click on 'Create Server Group'.

  • Enter the name, click on your previously created server, press 'Add' and 'Save Changes' afterwards.

# Configuration of product

  • In order to create and configure a product, go to 'Setup' → 'Products/Services' → 'Products/Services'.
    Click on 'Create a New Group'.

  • Enter the product group name and press 'Save Changes'.

  • Once you have a product group, you can assign your product to it.
    To create a product, click on 'Create a New Product'.

  • Next, choose your the product type, assign it to a group of similar products.
    Enter your product name, select module: 'PanelAlpha and then press 'Continue'.

  • Now, go to the 'Module Settings' section, choose both 'PanelAlpha' and your previously created server group from dropdown menus.

    • PanelAlpha Plan - a plan should be assigned to the service on the basis of which the service will be created.
    • Automatic instance provisioning - if enabled, a new instance will automatically be created with the selected theme when the service is created.
    • Manual termination - if enabled, termination of the service will only occur after a manual action by the admin.
    • PanelAlpha SSO in main menu - if enabled, the user will receive a link to his or her PanelAlpha account on the main client area menu.

Do not forget to click 'Save Changes' when your configuration is ready.

# Configuration of addons

  • Go to 'System Settings' → 'Product Addons' and press the 'Add New Addon' button.

  • Next, choose the addon type as "Independent Product", enter the package name and select the addon module: "PanelAlpha".

  • Now, go to the addon's 'Module Settings' section and select the package:

    • Package - you can select package from PanelAlpha
    • Preview the package configuration:
      • Plugin automation on assign - describes what happens to the plugins when the package is added to the service
      • Theme automation on assign - describes what happens to the themes when the package is added to the service
      • Plugins included - list of plugin assigned to the package
      • Themes included - list of themes assigned to the package
  • Assign the addon to the selected products at 'Applicable Products'.

Remember to 'Save Changes' when your addon configuration is ready.

# Management

# Admin Area

As soon as you set up a server for a client, you can request various actions and view server details from the WHMCS admin area.

  • Available module commands: create/suspend/unsuspend/terminate service and change package
  • Metric Statistics - active instances assigned to service

# Addon Page

Available actions on addons:

  • Create/terminate the addon

# Client Area

Clients may access their account on PanelAlpha via a "Manage WordPress" button in the navigation bar.