# cPanel

PanelAlpha offers seamless integration with cPanel, making it an ideal solution for shared hosting environments. Let's explore how this integration works and the step-by-step configuration process, as well as the various settings that can be customized.

# Configuration

  • Hover over Configuration → Servers → Hosting Services → Add Server

A form will appear, fill out all the required data to successfully add the server:

  • Name - enter the server name
  • Type - select the type - choose cPanel
  • URL - enter the server URL
  • Username - enter username for which the token has been generated
  • API token - previously generated API token (opens new window)
  • SSL Verification - select if you want to connect via SSL
  • Test Connection - check if connection is successful

Important! Please refer to the cPanel official documentation to learn how to generate the API token for a user. Please read the following article (opens new window).

Before you can continue to the next step, you must test the connection, only of the connection is fine, you will be allowed to move further. Next, you will be asked to perform some additional steps:

  1. Download the connector that will be necessary to complete the installation
  2. Use the below command to unzip the package:
    unzip -u /root/PanelAlphaWpCli.zip -d /root
  3. Run the connector installation command:
    sh /root/PanelAlphaWpCli/install.sh
  4. Shortly after, you should receive a confirmation that the plugin has been installed successfully.
  5. Ensure there is at least one cPanel user on the server, as it is necessary for WP-CLI initialization.
  6. Finally, check if the integration test is successful. Press "Add Server" to complete the process.

# Additional Information

If the administrator wants to allow customers to create a subdomain on another user's domain then he should enable this option: Allow cPanel users to create subdomains across accounts in cPanel → Tweak Settings. By default, when this option is disabled, cPanel does not allow the creation of subdomains between accounts and if a cPanel user tries to create a subdomain on another account, they will receive an error message.

  • Log into your WHM account and proceed to "Tweak Settings".
  • Find Allow cPanel users to create subdomains across accounts and set the value to "On".
  • Finally, press "Save" at the bottom of the page.

Please be aware that cPanel does not approve of enabling this option as it may result in serious security issues.

For more information you may refer to the cPanel documentation (opens new window).