# Email Servers

Email servers are specialized servers that facilitate the sending, receiving, and storage of email messages. They handle the behind-the-scenes tasks involved in email communication, ensuring that emails are reliably delivered and stored until recipients access them.

PanelAlpha currently supports two types of email servers, these are: Zimbra and Mailcow. Here you will only find a quick overview of the email servers configuration section. Specific details on these two server types can be found in the dedicated sections under Email Server Connections.

# Add Email Server

Add Email Server by pressing the button and filling in the short form:

  • Provide the email server custom name
  • select type from available and required data (each type has its own fields):
    • Zimbra
      • Provide host
      • port
      • username
      • API token
    • Mailcow
      • Provide API URL
      • Provide the API Key

When ready, you may edit the details or delete it at any time.