# Email Servers

Email servers are specialized servers that facilitate the sending, receiving, and storage of email messages. They handle the behind-the-scenes tasks involved in email communication, ensuring that emails are reliably delivered and stored until recipients access them.

PanelAlpha currently supports Mailcow email server.

# List of servers

Navigate to Configuration → Servers → Email Servers. Here you will find an overview of the email servers configuration section. Specific details on the server types can be found in the dedicated sections under Email Server Connections.

# Server synchronization

The Email Server synchronization allows to import existing email domains into PanelAlpha. Please keep in mind that you can import email domains only for existing services with corresponding domains. Importing an email domain is not possible if a domain has not yet been created under a service.

# Adding email server

Add Email Server by pressing the button and filling in the short form.

  • Provide the email server custom name
  • Select type from available - currently only Mailcow is supported and provide the required data:
    • Mailcow
    • Provide API URL
    • Provide the API Key

For details on where to find the required API details please refer to the Mailcow documentation page.

When ready, you may edit the details or delete it at any time.