# Services

Alike Instances, this section will guide you through all the services available on your panel.

# Add Service

At this point you may add a new service. Press the "Add" button available at the top of the page. You will be redirected to a short form, fill out the form with required data to add a new service.

# Services List

Your service will appear on the list. Here is what you can do from this place: The main table with all the services listed shows following data:

  • ID number - press and you will be redirected to the service details
  • Main Domain - the main domain; list of instanced displayed on hover
  • User - assigned user data; a tooltip with use details will appear on hover, press the eye icon and you will be redirected to the plan configuration page
  • Server - used server
  • Plan - name of the selected plan; a tooltip with use details will appear on hover
  • Instances - number of existing on the service instances per the maximum number
  • Stats - current status of the service
  • Actions - delete the single service, can be also done in bulk, simply select services you wish to delete and use the mass actions button

Filtering options:

  • Show all services
  • Instances without HTTPS only
  • Instances without backup
  • Outdated instances
  • Instances with outdated plugins

# Service Details

To obtain a deeper understanding of a specific service, you can make use of the "View Service" option. This functionality enables you to access comprehensive information about a service, such as its configuration settings and any pertinent metadata. It provides you with detailed insights into the distinct attributes and parameters of each service.

Clicking on the service ID or a domain name in the list will redirect you to its respective details page.

The instance details page is divided into four blocks:

  1. The first block contains all details such as name, URL, status, user and date of creation. Plugin & Theme Packages assigned, data on hosting., email and DNS servers, nameservers.
  2. Widget with Instances and Domains lists
  3. Plan Usage details, option to upgrade the plan
  4. Activity and Request Logs
    Hoover over an item and a tooltip with explanations will appear.

# Quick Actions:

Press the "Actions" button at the top of the screen, at this point you may:

  • Suspend the service
  • Delete the service