# Dashboard

The application dashboard is a central hub that provides users with an overview of important information and access to various features and functionalities. It consists of several components designed to enhance the user experience.

# Widgets

On the dashboard there are available several widgets with the most crucial data that can be additionally filtered.

  • Instances, Users & Services widget - quick and clear summary of the number of items created with up/down percentage value

  • Activity Overview - graph with new and updated instances, plugin installations and updates displayed in a form of a line graph; filtered by year, month and week

  • Instances summary - the percentage of instances of each type relative to the total:

    • number of instances with no HTTPS
    • number of outdated instances
    • number of instances with outdated plugins
    • number of instances with no backups
  • Latest WordPress widget - widget with information on the last released version available, release date and link to the official changelog

  • Activity widget - a widget with the summary of activity logs with the most crucial data highlighted, the option to filter the displayed data and sort by "Most Relevant" by default. List of logs categories:

    • Most Relevant
    • Instances
    • Plugins
    • Backups
    • Themes
    • Hosting
    • Users
    • Subusers
    • Sharing access
    • Log-ins
    • Admins
    • Config

# Side Menu

Quick access to all section in the admin area: