# Installation Guide

Please begin by installing PanelAlpha following the instructions below. Then, proceed with its basic configuration using the wizard.

# Installation

The installation of PanelAlpha is quick and completely trouble-free as most processes are performed automatically. You can move forward with the installation process as soon as you purchase the PanelAlpha license.

To install PanelAlpha, the listed in Requirements section system requirements must be met.

  • Once the server has been prepared, log in to your server via SSH as root.

  • Download the installer using the command:

    wget -N -P /opt/panelalpha https://license.panelalpha.com/installer.sh
  • Use another bash command to run the script:

    bash /opt/panelalpha/installer.sh --key 'LICENSE_KEY'

Remember to add the key parameter at the end of the command and paste your license key there. It can be found in your client area under Licenses (opens new window), in the product details.

# Wizard

Once the installation is completed, you can now proceed with the initial system configuration with our Wizard. It can be found at:


Its main purpose is to assist users during the initial setup and configuration process. It offers an intuitive and self-explanatory interface, guiding users through the necessary steps while keeping the overall experience user-friendly and accessible.