# Mailcow

PanelAlpha users have the option to manage their email Addresses and Email Forwarders directly from your client area panel. These two options can be found under "My Hosting" tab. In order to make the two features work smoothly, you need to firstly set up an email server in the plan.

In case there is either cPanel or DirectAdmin set up as a hosting server, you do not have to configure a separate email server (in our case - Mailcow) because cPanel, DA and Plesk (if properly configured beforehand!) may also play the role of the hosting server, email server and DNS server at the same time.

In case the "PanelAlpha Engine For Docker" is set up as hosting server, configuring Mailcow is obligatory as "PanelAlpha Engine For Docker" does not have other roles in contrast to for example cPanel.

# Configuration

To configure Mailcow, proceed to your admin panel → Configuration → Servers → Email Servers.

Press "Add" button, a short form will appear.

Type in the email server name and then select Mailcow from the type dropdown menu. Then API URL and API Key fields will appear. Type in the both data.

# API Details

Where to find the necessary API details? Follow the below steps:

  1. Open your Mailcow and log in as administrator.
  2. Scroll down and open the API section
  3. Type in the IP address that you want to access the API from or disable the API check.
  4. Select the "Activate API" checkbox and save the changes.
  5. Copy the API key

Go back to the PanlelAlpha email server configuration, paste API Key and URL and save the changes. Mailcow configuration is now ready. You may now set Mailcow server as email server per single plan.

To do so, proceed to: PanelAlpha admin area → Configuration → Plans → Edit Plan → Email tab. There choose the email server type from the list of available. If previous steps have been successfully performed, Mailcow server should be visible on the list, just select it and save the changes.