# DB-IP Integration

DB-IP integration is designed to identify logins to a new device.

DB-IP is a robust geolocation database that links IP addresses to physical locations, allowing for the identification of logins on a new device. It facilitates tailored content and services for different regions, enhances targeted advertising, and improves user satisfaction.

# Installation

The installation is carried out automatically, requiring no manual intervention. You simply need to enable the integration immediately, as only active integrations can be appropriately configured.

# Configuration

By clicking the "Configure" button, you will be redirected to a brief form where you simply need to review the DB-IP licensing terms. After reading the terms, you can indicate your agreement by checking the designated field. It is important to note that your consent is necessary to proceed. Once you have agreed, you will gain access to utilize this third-party integration with your PanelAlpha platform.

Please find the content of the licensing terms below for your convenience:

"PanelAlpha utilizes a free geolocation database prepared by DB-IP. The condition for using this database is to include a backlink to DB-IP.com on any pages that display or use results from the database. Therefore, this link will be included in the email for new device detection."

Do not forget to press the "Update" button to confirm your decision.