# Branding

The PanelAlpha platform allows on highly personalized branding of your client area. Take a look how to customize it. Move to Configuration → General → Client Area → Branding and press "Configure" button.

You will be redirected directly to the client area preview. On the right side of the screen you will find the "Customize" side tab, once clicked, your style manager will open up.

# Style Manager

Change Logo - upload your graphic with logo that will be displayed at the top left corner of your client area

Choose Color Scheme - choose among 5 default color schemes to brand your client area. Buttons and menu items and sections will be displayed in the selected color scheme.

Customize Primary Colors - Every primary color may undergo further customization, simply modify the color of every appearance by clicking on the color preview and choosing another one from the palette.

Additional Settings - Background shadows are by default turned on, if you want to turn them off simply enable the option responsible for hiding the shadows.

Once you are ready, save the changes. If you want to return to the original view, press the "Restore Default" button.