# Users

In this section of the documentation you will find a comprehensive list of all users who have access to the platform, including both active users and those with shared access.

# Add new user

Press the "Add" button if you wish to create a new one. A simple modal form will appear. Provide these few pieces of information to add a new user:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Password

Press "Add User" when you are ready. It will immediately appear on the list of "All Users"

# Lists of users

# All users

Browse through the full list of all users, regardless of their status or access to services. List of all users, with any status, with or without access to any kind of service.

# Active users

List of users that own any kind of a service. This list includes users who have their own service and/or got "Shared Access" to an instance.

# Shared access users

Shared access list includes all users that got access to a service via the "Shared Access" feature.

# Available actions:

  • Edit User - quickly change basic information about the user (first name, last name, company name, email address and password)
  • Login As User - log in to the client area hiding as the user
  • Delete User
  • More Info - hover over the client name, a tooltip basic data will appear. You will find there also a button Show More Info, on pressing, you will be redirected to user details page.

# User details page

Press the username and you will be redirected to the single user detailed information page.

  1. On the left there is a user summary box with basic information, that is:
  • Email address
  • Date of creating
  • Two-factor Authentication status
  • Last activity

There are also two buttons allowing to "Log In As User" and "Edit User" details.

  1. The next widget includes summaries on the three crucial aspects. Press each to see details on: "Services" and "Sharing With" data.
  1. A dedicated to the user "Activity" widget - it is a widget with the summary of activity logs with the most crucial data highlighted, the option to filter the displayed data by categories:
  • Show everything
  • Most Relevant
  • Plugins
  • Backups
  • Themes
  • Hosting
  • Users
  • Sharing access
  • Log-ins
  • Admins
  • Config

Press the "See more" button and you will be redirected to the main Logs section.

  1. Quick Action button - add services directly from the user details page. Then pick a plan and set a status to active or inactive, confirm your choice. The new service will immediately appear on the list of client services.