# Let's Encrypt

Purpose: Utilized for generating SSL certificates for instances.

Let's Encrypt is a third-party integration that facilitates the issuance of free SSL/TLS certificates for websites. SSL/TLS certificates play a crucial role in securing web communications by encrypting the data exchanged between a user's browser and a website. Let's Encrypt streamlines the process of obtaining and installing these certificates, making it easier and more accessible.

# Installation

The installation of Let's Encrypt integration is performed automatically, you do not have to do anything but instantly move to the configuration part.

Firstly enable the integration, only then you will be allowed to proceed to its configuration. Once active, the "Configure" button will appear, press to move on.

# Configuration

In the configuration form, you will find two fields that need to be filled:

  • "Let's Encrypt Account" - this field is automatically populated with a link to your account.

  • "Contact Email" - please provide an email address for communication purposes.

If you don't have an account, you can proceed directly to the "Contact Email" field and fill it in. An account will be created automatically with the necessary data filled in.

  • "Terms Of Service" - it's important to note that the "Terms Of Service" field is mandatory. You must read and agree to the terms of service before proceeding.

That's all; no further action is required. All certificates are generated automatically when "Let's Encrypt" is selected as the Automatic SSL provider in PanelAlpha.

For more information on configuring Automatic SSL, please refer to the dedicated section in the documentation under "System Configuration → Automatic SSL."