# Hosting Servers

Hosting servers store and deliver websites, applications or other online content. They provide a storage space for all the files and data that make up your online content. When someone wants to access your website or use your online service, their browser sends a request to the hosting server. The server retrieves the necessary files and sends them back to the user's browser, which displays the website or application. Hosting servers ensure your website or application is available to people at all times.

In this section you will find a short description of the dedicated section in the system configuration with basic data, enumerated options and a short tutorial on how to navigate through this section. Specific details on the hosting servers connections can be found in "Hosting Server Connections" → "Hosting Scenarios" section.

Please bear in mind that there is a separate configuration section dedicated to DNS Servers and Email Servers.

# Configuration

Move to: "Configuration" → "Servers" → "Hosting Servers"

This section is divided into two parts: "Servers" and "Groups". In the former one you will find a list of already added servers with following data:

  • ID number
  • name
  • type: DirectAdmin, cPanel or PanelAlpha
  • number of instances assigned
  • number of services assigned
  • allowed actions:
    • edit server: change name, change type, test the connection
    • delete server

# Add Server

Use quick action button to add a new server, press: "Add Server" enter its name and pick one of the available types DirectAdminA, cPanel or PanelAlpha Test the connection before confirming, if successful just press the "Add Server" button.

# Add Group

Add group of servers, you may do that from the Servers level (Add Group button) or in the dedicated tab.

  • type in the new group name
  • select servers that will be applied to this group
  • confirm by pressing the Add Group button

Your new group of servers will appear on the list. You may quickly delete any group or edit it (name and list of assigned servers) at any time.